Moldova To Lift Visas For Romanians This Week, Says Interim President - Press

Romanians will be able to travel freely to the neighboring Republic of Moldova, as all other EU citizens, starting later this week, said the country’s interim President Mihai Ghimpu, cited by RFI Romania online.

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Moldova To Lift Visas For Romanians This Week, Says Interim President - Press

Ghimpu told RFI Romania he will suspend the Moldovan government's decision which introduced travel visas for Romanian citizens in April this year, following clashes between anticommunist protesters and security forces in April this year. Formalities are likely to be completed by Friday and the measures will become effective immediately.

"Considering the Parliament does not have the right to cancel a Government decision, but this decision goes against the Parliament's decision to allow free travel for all EU citizens, I will use my constitutional rights and suspend this government decision, as interim president. Most likely, Romanians will be able to travel to Moldova without visas Saturday or Sunday. The measure will be effective immediately," Ghimpu explained.

Several European officials criticized the decision of Moldova's former president Vladimir Voronin to introduce visas for Romanians and repeatedly called on Moldovan authorities to cancel the abusive visa policy.

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