Romanian Handball Player Marian Cozma Killed In Hungary

Romanian handball player Marian Cozma, aged 26, was killed Saturday night in a club in Veszprem, Hungary. Serbian Zarko Sesum and Croatian Ivan Pesic, other two players of the team MKB Veszprem, were involved in the incident.

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Romanian Handball Player Marian Cozma Killed In Hungary

According to the local press, Cozma was stabbed through the heart, and was the only one who did not survive. The other two were taken to hospital, as they had been stabbed and seriously wounded.

The Rroma attackers with whom the three handball players were in conflict have not been found, the Hungarian police said.

Marian Cozma has been active in Romania’s national team, and before being transferred to Vezsprem in 2006, he played for Bucharest team Dinamo.

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