Romanian High School Director Arrested Under Charges Of Fraud

The study director of the private high school "George Pop de Basesti," the branch in northern Romanian town Sighet, Meda Leordean, suspected of having defrauded the high school graduation exam, was placed under arrest Thursday by judges within the Cluj Court.


Imaginea articolului Romanian High School Director Arrested Under Charges Of Fraud

Romanian High School Director Arrested Under Charges Of Fraud

Meda Leordean was arrested for 29 days.

Judges rejected the proposition issued by the National Anticorruption Department for the arrest of student Ileana Botici, brought in Wednesday alongside Leordean, and ruled that the student would be investigated at large.

Upon leaving the courtroom, Botici said in tears: "I am innocent, I am a student."

The Cluj Court sentence can be challenged by appeal within 24 hours from pronunciation.

Leordean, and the 33-year old student, both pleaded guilty in front of the judges.

Vasile Moldovan, the lawyer representing Ileana Botici, said, upon leaving the hearings, that his client, as well as Meda Leordean, ultimately admitted their deeds, while prosecutors demanded their arrest, claiming they are a public danger.

"My client admitted to having collected sums of money from over 120 students, the total sum reaching over RON100,000 (EUR1 = RON3.5507), and in exchange for the money the kids were to pass the high school graduation exams, without knowing exactly what grades they get," Moldovan said.

According to the lawyer, the case file involves 120 students and some 50 teachers, as well as ten CDs with transcripts of telephone conversations and video recordings captured during the exam.

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