Romania’s Nuclearelectrica Shuts Down Nuke Over Water Pipe Crack

Romanian Nuclearelectrica on Saturday shut down Unit 1 of its nuclear power plant in Cernavoda following a water pipe crack, the company said in a statement.

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Romania’s Nuclearelectrica Shuts Down Nuke Over Water Pipe Crack


The nuclear reactor may remain closed up to one week, according to the seriousness of the problem, Nuclearelectrica general manager Pompiliu Budulan said.
A more precise term will be known Saturday afternoon, he added.
Given that Cernavoda’s second unit is currently undergoing overhauling works, the plant does not produce any megawatt of energy, Budulan mentioned.
However, Nuclearelectrica will buy energy on the country’s OPCOM energy market to honor its obligations.
The Cernavoda nuclear power plant has two 700-megawatt reactors, which provide around 17% of the country's power needs. Romania plans to build another two reactors at Cernavoda, which are scheduled to become operational by 2015-2016.


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