Around 5,000 Homeless People In Romanian Capital Bucharest, 300 Die Each Year – NGO Study - Mediafax

Around 5,000 Homeless People In Romanian Capital Bucharest, 300 Die Each Year – NGO Study

The number of homeless people in Romania is on the rise, with an estimated 5,000 people living on the street in Bucharest alone and 300 fatalities every year, according to estimates by the Samusocial Romania NGO.

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Imaginea articolului Around 5,000 Homeless People In Romanian Capital Bucharest, 300 Die Each Year – NGO Study

Around 5,000 Homeless People In Romanian Capital Bucharest, 300 Die Each Year – NGO Study

Samusocial Romania (the Social Emergency Mobile aid Service) isa non-government organization which, since 2004, has been providingemergency aid to people having difficulty simply surviving.

According to the NGO, the number of homeless people is estimatedto be on the rise, with up to 15,000 people living on the streets,5,000 of them in capital Bucharest alone. Almost 300 homelesspeople die in Bucharest every year.

Samusocial carried out, between December 2008 and November 2009,a study on the mental health of adult homeless people in Bucharest,querying 100 people undergoing psychiatric treatment.


The study found that 45% of those questioned did not haveidentification papers or birth certificates.

Also, of the 84% who had professional training, 8% had highereducation, 60% - medium education and 24% had primaryeducation.

According to the study, the main sources of income for thesepeople are begging, especially for people with mental healthproblems, pensions or occasional money from the sale of renewablematerials.

The study says homeless people find shelter mainly in apartmentbuilding hallways, parks, train stations and markets, depending onthe season.

Samusocial specialists divided adult homeless people with mentalproblems into two categories: those who end up living on the streetbecause of their condition (56%, suffering from schizophrenia,personality disorders, mental retardation and alcoholism) and thosewho develop the condition because of life on the street (27%,suffering from depression, anxiety and alcoholism).

Specialists also said the rate of fatalities due to mentalconditions is higher among homeless people, estimated by theSamusocial's medical cabinet to be between 25% and 80%. Theirsituation is not monitored and there is no specialized aid service,not even in Bucharest.

The NGO proposed that a complex community service to integrateadults with mental conditions be set up. The service would betailored to their needs and promote awareness among the community,in order to lead to a change in attitude vis-à-vis homelesspeople.

Furthermore, Samusocial specialists requested that patients wholeave a medical institution be monitored. The NGO said that, inmost cases, patients who are taken off medication leave thehospital and end up back on the street, without the option ofcontinuing treatment or entering a recuperation center.

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