Cetelem Study: 32% Of Romanians Say Their Purchasing Power Fell In 2016

Romanians believe 2016 was stable in terms of purchasing power: 46% of respondents, higher by five percentage points than in 2015, said their purchasing power remained the same as in the previous year, according to a pan-European survey by Cetelem.


Imaginea articolului Cetelem Study: 32% Of Romanians Say Their Purchasing Power Fell In 2016

Cetelem Study: 32% Of Romanians Say Their Purchasing Power Fell In 2016

Only 23% of respondents said their purchasing power increased in 2016, which translates into a decrease of five percentage points 5 compared with 2015, while 32% (higher by one percentage point) said their purchasing power decreased, according to L'Observatoire, an annual study of Cetelem regarding household consumption in Europe and Europeans’ confidence level, conducted at the end of 2016 in 15 countries, including Romania, on a sample of 12,000 people aged 18 to 75.

The same study shows the 4.8% GD growth rate in 2016 encouraged Romanian consumers to spend more, and 62% of respondents said they would spend more in the next 12 months, which translates into an increase of four percentage points compared with the previous year, but lower compared with 2010, when 89% of Romanina respndesnts said they would spend more.

The appetite for saving stayed below spending, with 48% of respondents mentioning that -lower by four percentage points than in 2015. Seven years ago, only 11% of Romanians would consider saving.

Half of Romanian respondents believe their personal status will improve in the next two years.


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