Dacia 2016 Turnover Up 8.35% To EUR4.6B

Renault-owned carmaker Automobile Dacia registered a turnover of EUR4.6 billion (RON20.765 million) in 2016, up 8.35% from EUR4.2 billion in 2015, according to the management report released on Wednesday.


Imaginea articolului Dacia 2016 Turnover Up 8.35% To EUR4.6B

Dacia 2016 Turnover Up 8.35% To EUR4.6B

The earnings before tax reached RON506 million (over EUR111 million) in 2016, higher than in 2015, being generated by a positive operating result of RON532 million (+ 15% vs 2015) and a negative financial result of RON27 million (largely due to the unfavourable impact of the exchange rate).

The increase is generated by market demand for the Duster model, which boosted production, according to Liviu Bocsaru, Chief Financial Officer Renault Romania Group. Bocsaru also said nearly EUR200 million were invested in 2016, at the level of Renault Romania Group, of which EUR175 million, at Automobile Dacia, in industrial projects and in launching, at the end of 2016, the new Logan, Logan MCV and Sandero models.

In 2016, the operating profit rose 14.9%, from RON463 million in December 2015, to RON532 million in December 2016. The financial income decreased by RON32 million on the year in 2016, which saw a financial loss of RON27 million, compared with a profit of RON33 million in 2015. The tax profit rose 2.08% on the year in 2016, mainly due a favourable evolution in the gross profit.

In 2016, Renault Romania Group reached a turnover of EUR5.1 billion.


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