Employees With Carmaker Dacia Organize Rally In S Romania

Over 3,000 people, gathered on Thursday in southern Romanian town of Pitesti at the rally organized by employees of carmaker Dacia Pitesti, the local unit of French Renault, who have been on strike for the past two weeks.


Imaginea articolului Employees With Carmaker Dacia Organize Rally In S Romania

Employees With Carmaker Dacia Organize Rally In S Romania

Unionists from other companies in the county attend the rally out of solidarity with Dacia employees and the head of the National Union Block, Dumitru Costin, is also expected to arrive in Vasile Milea Square, where the rally is held.

Protesters have brought banners containing massages like “Stop slavery!”, “We ask for decent wages,” and “No more exploitation.” 

The rally, authorized to last four hours, will end at about 14:00 local time. 

Earlier Thursday, the Arges Court, southern Romania, ruled that the general strike of the employees is legal and decided the plant’s management has to pay 1,500 lei (EUR1-RON3.6747) in legal costs.

Unionists decided to continue the general strike after a new round of negotiations with management failed.

The management latest wage increase proposal was a gross RON394, compared to the previously offered gross RON250.

The new round of negotiations took place Tuesday evening and continued Wednesday morning, even though the management had previously said negotiations would be halted until employees go back to work.

"Nobody agreed with the new wage proposal, so we’ll continue the general strike,” Iordache said.

Employees demand a wage increase of RON550.

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