Musicians Snap! To Hold Concert In Bucharest

The band Snap!, famous for hits like "The Power" – one of the best sold tracks of all time, will hold a concert Friday in Bucharest, according to the organizers.


Imaginea articolului Musicians Snap! To Hold Concert In Bucharest

Musicians Snap! To Hold Concert In Bucharest

The concert will be held in Bucharest’s Turabo Sociey Club.

So far, Snap! Has sold 57 million albums worldwide, won some 200 golden and platinum disks and took first place 80 times in music charts.

Snap! Has a history starting from the track called "The Power", with which rapper Turbo B. debuted in 1990, together with several back-up singers. After "The Power", the band launched several international hits, such as "Oops Up", "Cult of Snap", "Mary Had A Little Boy", "The Color Of Love" and "Rhythm Is A Dancer", which became the best sold tracks in the UK in 1992.

Next came several other hits sold in millions of copies, such as "Exterminate" and "Do You See The Light? (Looking For)", recorded with a new band line-up. So far, Snap! Has proven to be one of the best appreciated bands worldwide, with countless shows and concerts.

In 2003, Snap! returned to the international pop charts with the track "Rhythm Is a Dancer 2003". 

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