Romania Presents Tourist Brand In New York

Romania’s tourist brand was presented Wednesday in New York, within an event that brought together experts in the tourism industry and American journalists.


Imaginea articolului Romania Presents Tourist Brand In New York

Romania Presents Tourist Brand In New York

Simion Alb, head of Romania's National Tourism Office in New York, presented the tourist brand and spoke about Romania's geographic diversity, traditional culture and folklore, its Latin origin and the Dracula myth.

Alb explained the significance of the country's new tourist logo and said it will be an element of paramount importance in upcoming campaigns meant to promote Romania as tourist destination. Alb also said Romania targets a broader advertising campaign in 2011 in the United States and Canada. According to Alb, even if the number of tourists coming to Romania from the U.S. and Canada is lower than the number of tourists from Germany and Italy, Americans and Canadians are willing to spend more money, thus, they are very important for Romanian tourism.

Sorin Muntean, coordinator of Romania's tourist brand project, said launching the tourist brand means setting off the campaign to promote Romania's cultural tourism, adventure tourism, eco-friendly tourism, agri-tourism, spa tourism and city breaks.

European Travel Commission representative Jan Rudomina spoke about the importance of American tourists, saying the United States stretch across a wide continent and there isn't a single recipe to promote European tourism. Rudomina also said a strong relation with the media is very important, as the media will take over the message and pass it on to the tourism industry and consumers, adding Americans will always be willing to travel, regardless of the economic context.

Jonathan Rekedal, representative of the Technology Advertising Department with the New York Times, said Romania's logo is highly suggestive and of utmost importance in tourism, because, he added, someone savvy knows the logo truly represents Romania's geography.

Built as a forum to promote traveling in European countries, the Visit Europe Media Exchange is an all-in-one-day, under-one-roof opportunity to meet with dozens of productive travel journalists eager for the latest news on Europe's countries, regions, cities, museums, festivals, attractions and travel products.

Romania's tourist brand, under the slogan "Explore the Carpathian garden", was launched on July 29, at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The slogan will be used to promote Romania as a tourist destination in the upcoming years.

The creation and promotion of the tourist brand, financed through European funds, is part of a new project to promote Romania's touristic potential, for which EUR75 million is allotted until the end of 2013. The brand aims to raise Romania's foreign profile as a tourist and, indirectly, business destination.

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