Romanian Ambassador In London Asks Top Gear To Reedit Episode Shot In Romania -

Romanian Ambassador In London Asks Top Gear To Reedit Episode Shot In Romania

Romania’s Ambassador in London Ion Jinga asked the producers of Top Gear, broadcast on BBC 2 and BBC, to reedit the episode shot in Romania and to edit out the “offensive” remarks about “gypsies” and the movie Borat.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Ambassador In London Asks Top Gear To Reedit Episode Shot In Romania

Romanian Ambassador In London Asks Top Gear To Reedit Episode Shot In Romania

The Romanian Government asked the Top Gear producers to edit outa series of "offensive" remarks referring to the country, made byshow host Jeremy Clarkson in an episode shot in Romania, SundayExpress daily said on its website.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond shot in Romaniathe first episode of the new Top Gear series broadcast on BBC 2.When he went to Romania's rural areas Clarkson put on a pork-stylehat and said he entered "Borat's country", referring to Sacha BaronCohen's movie.


During the episode broadcast last week, Clarkson said "I'mwearing this hat so the gypsies think I am one. I'm told they canbe violent if they don't like the look of you."

Another "offensive" remark concerned some villagers who werebuilding a house and of whom Clarkson said they were building"gallows", Sunday Express reports.

Clarkson is also seen washing his face and saying "cool,refreshing communist water", Sunday Express said, adding the remarkwas made although Romania is not led by communists and "is unlikelyto remain a socialist democracy after elections being heldthere."

Sunday Express said the Romanian ambassador in London intervenedsaying he is "surprised and disappointed" by the references toBorat and the "gypsies".

Romania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the fact thatJinga addressed a letter to the producers of Top Gear, as some ofthe remarks made by Clarkson about Romania are not real, namely"Borat country", "gypsy country".

In his letter, the ambassador showed his appreciation for theshow, highlighted the press' freedom of expression and thenon-discriminatory spirit and the fact that 89.5% of the country'spopulation is Romanian, 6.5% is ethnic Hungarians, 2.5% are ethnicRoma and 1.5% are other ethnic groups, Ministry of Foreign Affairsspokesperson Alin Serbanescu told MEDIAFAX.

Serbanescu said the ambassador's letter came in the context inwhich Clarkson made some offensive remarks about Romania that donot correspond to reality, and the episode containing those remarkswas also broadcast on BBC and was to be distributed worldwide.

The Press Service of Romania's Embassy in London also confirmedthe fact that Jinga addressed a letter to the car show's producersregarding the remarks about Romania, but received no answer sofar.

According to Sunday Express, Jinga said he is confident theproducers will edit out the remarks he referred to in hisletter.

Top Gear shot the first episode of a new series in Romania atthe Parliament Palace in capital city Bucharest, in seaside resortMamaia and on Transfagarasan, a mountain area in the central partof Romania.

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