Romanian Culture Ministry Considers To Options To Exploit Castle Bran

Romania’s Ministry of Culture considers two variants to exploit Castle Bran, that of a public-private partnership or the castle’s acquisition by the state, culture minister Theodor Paleologu said Thursday.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Culture Ministry Considers To Options To Exploit Castle Bran

Romanian Culture Ministry Considers To Options To Exploit Castle Bran

Paleologu met Thursday at the ministry with the castle’s owner, Archduke Dominic of Habsburg, and his lawyers to discuss ways to manage the castle, which is one of Romania’s main tourist attractions.
Following the talks, the minister said one option considered is that of a partnership between the owner and the state, to keep the museum inside the castle.
Paleologu added both parties showed total flexibility.
"Romania would have medium and long term benefits and would take part in Dominic of Habsburg’s cultural and regional development projects,” Paleologu said.
Paleologu added that beside a public-private partnership and the acquisition of the castle, a third option, to shut down the museum, was also considered, but that is “the worst case scenario".
"I’m very glad the minister understands perfectly what we want,” said Dominic of Habsburg, adding he wants Castle Bran to remain an attraction for Romania and the world.
Dominic of Habsburg arrived in Bucharest Wednesday, accompanied by his two sisters, Mary Magdalene Holzhausen and Elisabeth Sandhofer. He will visit the castle on Thursday and will meet with Romanian tourism minister Elena Udrea Saturday morning.
He said he plans to leave the country on Feb 3 but might come back a month later, because he has many issues to solve before he becomes the castle’s administrator in May.
Castle Bran was returned on May 18, 2006 to Dominic of Habsburg and the Ministry of Culture keeps it as a museum until May 18, 2009.
Dominic of Habsburg, grandson of Queen Maria and son of Princess Ileana, regained the castle nearly six decades after the royal family was forced to leave the country by the communist regime, when Dominic of Habsburg was ten.
Castle Bran, attested since November 1377, is one of the major tourist objectives in Romania. The castle is famous worldwide for its association with Dracula.

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