Romanian Intellectuals Urge President Not To Bless A Coalition Govt With Social Democrats

Several Romanian intellectuals sent a letter to President Traian Basescu, asking him not to give his consent to an alliance formed with the Social Democratic Party, formed of ex communists, and to think hard before making a decision that could send Romania 20 years back.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Intellectuals Urge President Not To Bless A Coalition Govt With Social Democrats

Romanian Intellectuals Urge President Not To Bless A Coalition Govt With Social Democrats

“Exactly four years ago, Romania benefited from the most important moment for its collective memory and conscience since 1989, namely an alliance which few believed would win the parliamentary elections, and which succeeded in restoring the feeling of freedom and dignity to Romanians,” the letter read.

“For four years, between 2000 and 2004, as the most uttered words were corruption, fear, blackmail, isolation, Romanians felt deceived and persecuted. The disturbing intellectuals were lifted in the streets, justice was carried out in the living rooms of the red barons, the cabinet members were a delight to the international press for the European funds’ embezzlements, and the TV program was closely scheduled after Adrian Nastase’s (former Prime Minister –e.n.) agenda,” the letter continued.

“The condemnation of communism in December 2006 confirmed that our expectations were not deceived. Millions of victims of totalitarianism and of a barbarian ideology were avenged by one of the most powerful documents in Europe’s history in the recent past. The first country on Earth to condemn communism must not deviate from the principles of freedom, stability and prosperity,” the intellectuals wrote in the letter.

The intellectuals demanded the head of state not to give his consent to an alliance with the Social Democratic Party.

“This inheritor of the Communist Party, transformed only in terms of name, was the fundament of the largest traumas in Romania’s recent collective history: the takeover of power from the hands of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the turmoil in the 1990s, the miners’ riots, the submission of foreign policy to Moscow’s interests, Romania’s isolation from the euro-Atlantic structures, the delay in reforms, the prevention of lustration and of a truth revealing justice system,” the letter read.

The intellectuals wrote taht “the constitutional prerogatives the president has allow him to carry out the will of the majority without a doubt”.

Contacted by MEDIAFAX, Romanian intellectuals Gabriel Liiceanu, Sorin Iliesiu, Gelu Trandafir and Mircea Mihaies denied having signed a letter to head of state Traian Basescu asking him not to give his consent to a governing alliance including the Social democratic Party.

“It’s pure insanity,” Liiceanu said. “None of the people the letter mentioned signed such a thing,” he said.

“One cannot protect himself from our advanced technology, when any crazy person can use any address,” Liiceanu said, adding that the email address from which the letter was sent uses the name of the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS). “This is an infringement. I think our signatures are used by someone who wants to render plausibility to the signatures,” he said.

“We asked for the text of the letter. Mu name is mentioned there, but I’ve seen the text only five minutes ago. Someone made use of our names, without asking for permission of the respective persons. (…) The email address does not belong to the Group for Social Dialogue. (…) I didn’t write the text. I’ve read the text now and it’s a good one. I would have signed it in principle, but I didn’t,” vice-president of the Civic Alliance and member of the Group for Social Dialogue, Sorin Iliesiu, told MEDIAFAX.

Gelu Trandafir, member of the National Audiovisual Council, denied ever signing the letter.

Mircea Mihaies, member of the Romanian institute for Culture said he was never aware of such a letter, until MEDIAFAX contacted him, which does not imply he will not sign it, but he must first know what it is about and who had the initiative.


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