Romanian Landmark Peles Castle Blown Up In “Brothers Bloom” Movie

Romanian landmark Peles Castle, one of the shooting locations for the movie "The Brothers Bloom" (directed by Rian Johnson), is blown up in the movie that will premier Friday in Romanian movie theaters, MediaPro Distribution informed.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Landmark Peles Castle Blown Up In “Brothers Bloom” Movie

Romanian Landmark Peles Castle Blown Up In “Bloom Brothers” Movie

Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo, the three actors starring in the eccentric comedy "The Brothers Bloom", as well as the movie’s technical crew, came to Romania and shot scenes in area near mountain resorts Sinaia and Comarnic, as well as in Bucharest. In addition, an important scene was shot at the Casino in seaside city Constanta.

Romania offered moviemakers a series of key-locations, including the Peles Castle, which has a complex neo-renaissance structure and is found in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. The castle was built in the late nineteenth century by King Carol I of Romania as a hunting reservation and summer residence of the monarch. In the movie, the castle is the New Jersey home of Penelope, the young billionaire played by Rachel Weisz.

The movie "The Brothers Bloom" will have its world premier in Romania, in the cinemas Hollywood Multiplex, Movieplex, Cityplex, Odeon (Cluj-Napoca), Lotus (Oradea) and Cinema City (Timisoara), on May 29. The movie is distributed by MediaPro Distribution.


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