Romanian Liberals, Democrat Liberals To Choose Parliament Chambers’ Headship - Sources

Romanian democrat liberal leaders told liberals during Saturday's talks they can choose the president seat of one of the two Parliament Chambers and take over the Justice Ministry, if the two parties form the new Government, people close to the matter told MEDIAFAX.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Liberals, Democrat Liberals To Choose Parliament Chambers’ Headship - Sources

Romanian Democrat Liberals To Share Parliament Chambers’ Headship With Liberals - Sources

The two negotiation teams touched upon the subject of the Government and Parliament positions to be shared between the two parties, sources within the National Liberal Party and the Democrat Liberal Party told MEDIAFAX Saturday.

Thus, democrat liberal leaders told their counterpart all ministers will be political officials, therefore both the party and the person nominated by the party will take responsibility for the sector they manage.

According to the quoted sources, democrat liberals suggested the liberals they can take the justice minister position. However, democrat liberals did not say whether this position is open for negotiation, can be granted to the National Liberal Party or is requested by the Democrat Liberal Party.

During the meeting between the two parties, the democrat liberal leaders said the two parties must each control a chamber of Parliament, if the liberals and the democrat liberals are to rule together.

The quoted sources said the Democrat Liberal Party proposed the National Liberal Party to choose either the headship of the Senate or that of the Chamber of Deputies, in order to have a fair share of ruling.

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