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The 19 people kidnapped by an armed group in Egypt have been released and they are safe, said Egyptian foreign affairs Ahmed Abdul Gheit, in New York.


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Romanian Embassy Confirms Kidnapping Of Romanian National In Egypt

"They have been released, all of them, safe and sound," Ahmed Abul Gheit told reporters in New York, AFP informed.
The tourists, including a Romanian national, were robbed and then they were released, Al Jazeera said, quoted by Italian daily La Repubblica.
Masked kidnappers in Egypt have seized 15 foreign nationals in a remote desert area near the Sudanese and Libyan borders, Egyptian officials said Monday.
The Romanian Embassy in Cairo confirmed a Romanian woman was among the hostage taken by the kidnappers.
Romania’s Ambassador to Cairo, Gheorghe Dumitru, said that following talks with Egyptian authorities, it was confirmed that a Romanian woman had been kidnapped in southwestern Egypt.
The ambassador added the woman was part of a larger group, which included five German and five Italian tourists. 
He added kidnappers confiscated the hostages mobile phones, and one of the German tourists announced the incident, with the kidnappers’ consent, to allow the start of negotiations.
According to the embassy, the kidnapping occurred Monday morning.
The group of abducted tourists has reportedly left Egyptian territory and is in northern Sudan, and authorities are negotiating their release.

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