Romanian PM Urges Future Coalition Govt To Rethink Governing Program

Romania’s outgoing Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu urged democrat liberals and social democrats to rethink their governing program, saying Romania needs an anti-crisis program, not unrealistic and unsustainable measures that would impoverish the country and “bury the economy”.


Imaginea articolului Romanian PM Urges Future Coalition Govt To Rethink Governing Program

Romanian PM Urges Future Coalition Govt To Rethink Governing Program

Tariceanu wrote on his blog that he read the new government’s draft program and it is worse than he feared.

"First of all: goodbye flat tax! It’s not a flat tax if people who work more and earn more pay more taxes and those who earn less pay less taxes,” Tariceanu said.

He added the program goes back to progressive income taxation, which will encourage tax evasion, discourage hard work and chase away companies that planned to invest in Romania.

"This program takes the country back to economic instability and poverty,” Tariceanu said, adding he doesn’t understand why politicians insist on making the same mistakes over and over again.

Tariceanu added the governing program includes many wage and other social promises that are unsustainable even in a better economic environment, but lacks realistic measures to stimulate the economy and attract foreign investment.

"I appeal to PDL-PSD to redo this program which is a sentence to poverty for Romania. Romania needs an anti-crisis program, a program with measures that ensure continued economic growth, not a program that will bury the economy," Tariceanu concluded.

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