Romanian Student Fined Over Obscene Gesture To Official Convoy

A Romanian student was checked, Friday, at Bucharest Police Station 10, after making an obscene gesture towards an official convoy passing through Universitatii Square and which presumably escorted American first lady Laura Bush.


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Middle Finger To Official Convoy Brings Romanian Student Police Fine

"I was walking along Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, right along the History Faculty. I was heading towards the train station with my girlfriend. To be more precise, I was going to the nearby subway station because I was going to the train station. At one point, cops forced everyone to get back, to keep walking, whatever ... there was an official convoy. At the moment I was walking on the sidewalk, I was between a group of people waiting for the bus and the faculty wall. I was just passing through, I had my backpack, as you can see, heading towards the train station. When I saw the official convoy I simply went like this (puts up his middle finger) from behind the crowd. ... The gentlemen in the police cruiser (which took him to the 10th Police station) said Laura Bush was there. I don’t really know what this is about," Nicolae Chilis told MEDIAFAX.

Asked if he is part of an NGO, he said no and added that he is a citizen like any other citizen. The young man also explained that he was checked at the police station and that he did not sign the written statement compiled by the offices, adding that everything went under normal conditions.

Upon leaving the police station, Chilis said the police officers advised him to refrain from such gestures in the future and that a fine would be sent to his home address.

Bucharest Police spokesperson Christian Ciocan told MEDIAFAX that the young man was fined by police in accordance with Law 61/1991, for "publicly performing obscene deeds or gestures."

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