Social Democrat Party Excludes Two High-Level Critics Of Party Leader

The executive committee of Romania’s Social Democrat Party (PSD) voted on Monday to exclude two high-level critics of chairman Liviu Dragnea, general secretary Marian Neacsu and former Defense Minister Adrian Tutuianu.


Imaginea articolului Social Democrat Party Excludes Two High-Level Critics Of Party Leader

Social Democrat Party Excludes Two High-Level Critics Of Party Leader

The two were excluded by the PSD deciding body with 53 votes for and nine against, after being accused of trying to side with the parliamentary opposition in a vote against Justice Minister Tudorel Toader.

The two announced shortly after that they will contest the decision, which Neacsu called a “senseless execution”.

“Of course we will contest it, because it is a senseless public execution (…) It’s an absolute lie. We never had for a moment the intention of voting with the opposition,” said Neacsu after the meeting.

“I think this is a major mistake and today’s decision will not do anything else but show that PSD sanctions different opinions (…) I think that the party is heading in a wrong direction. Time will tell if we were right or if those who voted for our exclusion were,” said Adrian Tutuianu.

The former defense minister was also criticized for recorded statements he made during a party council meeting in which he criticized the group and the current executive, calling a “party of monkeys”.

Tutuianu was also a signatory of a dissent letter against Liviu Dragnea in September, co-signed by Regional Development Minister Paul Stanescu and Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea, requesting the chairman’s resignation.

Marian Neacsu also positioned himself with the dissenters at the time, sending the memorandum to all party organizations. However, the group failed to gain the necessary support to oust Dragnea, who received an overwhelming reconfirmation vote in another executive committee meeting.

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