King Michael Of Romania Delivers First Speech In Parliament After Abdication In 1947

Romania’s former king, Michael I, addressed the Parliament Tuesday, on his 90th birthday and 64 years after his forced abdication in 1947.

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Imaginea articolului King Michael Of Romania Delivers First Speech In Parliament After Abdication In 1947

King Michael Of Romania Delivers First Speech In Parliament After Abdication In 1947

"We must strive to regain dignity and the respect of others. I have served the Romanian nation during a long and eventful live with happy and many unhappy moments. Eighty-four years after I was anointed king, I can say without hesitation: the most important things one must have, apart from freedom and democracy, are identity and dignity. The Romanian elite has a big responsibility," the king said in his address to Parliament.

"Democracy must enrich the art of ruling, not ruin it. Romania, like all European countries, needs respected and capable leaders. We must never forget the Romanians and the Romanian territories that have been taken away from us after Europe was divided into spheres of influence. It is their right to decide whether they want to live in our country or remain separated from us," said the king.

"I took an oath and it continues to be valid for all Romanians. They are part of our nation and will always be," he added.

He highlighted that democratic institutions are not governed only by laws, but also by ethics and a sense of duty. Politics may harm people if it is applied disregarding ethics and ignoring the main role of state institutions, the king said.

"Have faith in democracy, in the role and rules of institutions! There is no future without ethics, faith and remembrance. Cynicism, petty interests, and cowardice should have no place in our lives," said King Michael.

He stressed that, back in 1989, when the country freed itself from the communist regime, Romania received international support. "It is high time we moved away completely and irreversibly from the bad habits of the past. Demagogy, dissimulation, selfishness, clinging to power and disregard should have nothing to do with Romanian institutions in 2011. They remind us of the years before 1989."

The royal family will continue to support Romania's main interests and tradition, said the king.

King Michael was accompanied in Parliament by his eldest daughter, Princess Margareta of Romania, and her husband, Prince Radu.

President Traian Basescu, Prime Minister Emil Boc and Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase did not attend the solemn meeting, which was presided by Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana.

Former presidents Ion Iliescu and Emil Constanescu, former prime minister Petre Roman, Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu attended the king's speech.

Michael was king between July 1927 and June 1930 and again from 1940 until 1947 when he was forced to abdicate by the communist government. The Romanian Government restored Michael's citizenship in 1997, eight years after the country freed itself from the communist regime, and again allowed the king to visit his country.

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