Romania’s New Center-Left Govt To Assign 6% Of GDP To Education

Romania’s new Government included in its governing agenda for the period 2009-2012 measures such as ensuring 6% of the gross domestic product for education, promoting a system of salaries for teachers based on performance, as well as decentralizing the pre-univeristy education system.


Imaginea articolului Romania’s New Center-Left Govt To Assign 6% Of GDP To Education

Romania’s New Center-Left Govt To Assign 6% Of GDP To Education

“The Government will observe the National Pact for Education and will enforce the strategy Education and Research for the Society of Knowledge” drawn up based on the national pact and agreed to by the presidency and the education unionists,” the document said.

The government wants to create a stable, reasonable, efficient and relevant system of education, to ensure 6% of the GDP for education, to encourage quality and excellence in state and private higher education, continuous education for new qualifications, enlarge the area of expertise, decentralize pre-university education and increase the autonomy of schools.

The Government plans to introduce a new school curricula based on qualifications, to promote a system of salaries granted depending on performance, according to the status of teachers in society, to create a legislative system ensuring modernization, stability and predictability of the education system, as well as to guarantee equality of chances for access to education.

The governing agenda includes equal access to education for national minorities, and the guarantee that they will be able to learn Romanian language and their mother tongue.

The Government will also extend the school program “The School After School Classes”.

From the point of view of infrastructure, the Government wants to develop school campuses, rehabilitate all schools to enable them to get permits to stay open until the beginning of the school year 2010/2011, build new kindergartens for children aged 3 to 6, new gyms and new hostels for some 10,000 students.

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