Romanian Foreign Minister: New Iran Nuclear Deal Needed

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu stated on Wednesday that a new nuclear deal between the West and Tehran is needed in case the current treaty will not be maintained or overhauled, which should also include aspects of ballistic control.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Foreign Minister: New Iran Nuclear Deal Needed

Romanian Foreign Minister: New Iran Nuclear Deal Needed

The minister highlighted the fact that Iran currently has a ballistic program which is not subject to any control, during a hearing in the Parliament’s joint defense and foreign affairs committee, concerning the current situation in the Middle East.

“Yesterday, the so-called E3 states in the nuclear agreement launched this procedure to solve differences in the agreement. I have expressed the stance that, in case the current agreement will not be maintained, a new one with a larger spectrum is need, which will not only contain nuclear aspects but also ballistic aspects,” the minister said during the hearing.

Iran recently announced that it will stop respecting the 2015 nuclear deal, which constrained its program of enriching uranium in exchange for the West lifting its economic sanctions, after tensions with the United States soared over the killing of one of its top generals on January 2. US President Donald Trump reiterated the fact that Iran will not be allowed to construct a nuclear weapon and called for a new agreement in this regard.


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