Six People With Botulism Hospitalized At “Matei Bals” Institute, One Dies

Six people diagnosed with botulinus intoxication were admitted last week to the “Matei Bals” institute in Bucharest. One of them died Monday, but the others’ condition is stable, said hospital manager Adrian Streinu Cercel.


Imaginea articolului Six People With Botulism Hospitalized At “Matei Bals” Institute, One Dies

Six People With Botulism Interned At “Matei Bals” Institute, One Dies


The six are workers on a construction field in Arges County. They became infected with botulism upon consuming tinned fish made in Thailand.
The first worker was hospitalized on February 23 and died a week later, after the toxin blocked his muscles and paralyzed his heart and breathing system. The other five were interned on February 24 and are still under treatment, but their condition is stable.
Botulism is an illness caused by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Unless treated, it can evolve and lead to muscular and respiratory paralysis. The toxin enters the body through inappropriately stored food or open wounds. The infection does not spread from person to person.
Symptoms of someone suffering from botulism are physical weakness, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing and talking, double or blurry vision and paralysis. In infants, the symptoms are difficult to notice and include constipation and lack of appetite.
On adults, signs of botulism appear 12 or 36 hours after the consumption of infected food. For infants, this range is 3 to 30 days. If botulism was contracted through wounds, the symptoms appear after 4 to 14 days.
Botulism is a rare illness, but one which doctors say can be fatal.


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