Ruling Coalition Co-Chairman Criticizes “Inert” Romanian Government

The chairman of Romanian ruling coalition party Calin Popescu Tariceanu criticized his coalition partners, the Social Democrat Party (PSD), for deciding against restructuring the country’s government, in an exclusive interview for MEDIAFAX.

Imaginea articolului Ruling Coalition Co-Chairman Criticizes “Inert” Romanian Government

Ruling Coalition Co-Chairman Criticizes “Inert” Romanian Government

Questioned about PSD chairman and Prime Minister Viorica Dancila’s negative response to ALDE’s request for a cabinet restructuring, the senate chairman said that the executive needs a restructuring based on a new government program.

“I am not satisfied with this answer (the prime minister’s on the restructuring, ed.) (…) I had a discussion with the prime minister in which, based on my experience as former prime minister, I recommended her try to restart the government, to give it the possibility to switch from the current defensive position it, and the coalition practically, finds itself in for a long time, into an offensive position. A couple of essential things would be needed for this: a governing program rethought based on the one voted in the Parliament, assuming the completion of objectives at their deadline, proposing new objectives, a reform of some state institutions and, not least, the restructuring of this government team in order to erase this impression of incompetence, Tariceanu told MEDIAFAX.

The ALDE leader added that “the most fitting political formula” would be to restructure the government, which would require the new cabinet to be confirmed through a vote in the Parliament. According to him, the country’s central administration currently gives the impression that it functions “out of inertia”.

“My sensation at the moment is that the Government, and maybe not only it, the institutions pertaining to public administration are functioning out of inertia. There is no clear given direction to follow. (…) I do not want to be part of an impotent governance,” Tariceanu said.

ALDE announced last week that it was in talks to form a political alliance with opposition party Pro Romania, with speculation abounding that the group would want PSD to accept Pro Romania – formed mostly out of dissidents from both parties – into the ruling coalition.

However, PSD leader Viorica Dancila announced on Monday evening, following a party executive committee meeting, that the social-democrats voted against making an invitation for Pro Romania to join the coalition. Several high-ranked Pro Romania members previously said that the party will not consider joining a coalition with the social-democrats.

Dancila also said on Monday, in relation to a request made by the ALDE leader to respond until August 20 regarding a possible cabinet restructuring, that the social-democrats will not accept an ultimatum for their coalition partners and will heed their request, but want instead to make a cabinet reshuffle to replace “ministers who have not performed”.

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