Former Tourism Minister Elena Udrea Arrived in Romania – Sources

Romania’s former Tourism Minister, Elena Udrea, arrived in Romania on Monday morning for the first time in more than 18 months, sources close to the former dignitary told MEDIAFAX.


Imaginea articolului Former Tourism Minister Elena Udrea Arrived in Romania – Sources

Former Tourism Minister Elena Udrea Arrived in Romania – Sources

Previously, the same sources informed MEDIAFAX on Sunday that the former minister left Costa Rica en route to Europe.

However, businessman Cornel Tabacaru – a friend of Udrea’s and also a former resident of Costa Rica – said that the former minister announced her relatives that she would go to London for a couple of days, adding that she did have the intent of eventually returning to Romania.

The former minister left Romania for Costa Rica at the beginning of 2018, where she applied for political asylum.

Udrea was also imprisoned in the Carribean country, based on Interpol warrants issued by Romania after she received a final prison sentence in the country for corruption offences. She was released by Costa Rican authorities in December 2018, after Romania’s Constitutional Court decided to have all of the Supreme Court’s sentences handed by five-judge panels since 2014 re-trialed, due to erroneous procedure in selecting the panels' composition.

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