Oltenia Energy Complex Proposes Wage Raises, Protest Continues In At Least One Quarry

Following a night of negotiations with its worker unions, the management of the Oltenia Energy Complex (CEO) announced that it reached an agreement to raise wages and grant vacation vouchers in order to stop recent worker strikes, though the movement continues in at least one of its quarries.


Imaginea articolului Oltenia Energy Complex Proposes Wage Raises, Protest Continues In At Least One Quarry

Oltenia Energy Complex Proposes Wage Raises, Protest Continues In At Least One Quarry

CEO manager Sorin Boza told MEDIAFAX on Wednesday that the mixed commission formed out of management, shareholders and union representatives reached an agreement during the night, which resulted in activity at the Jilt Nord quarry – one of the original strike sites - being resumed.

According to the manager, the company proposed a raise in worker wages of “almost RON700” and of RON600 for workgroup leaders, while also opting to grant vacation vouchers which were initially off the table in the institution’s budget for 2019.

“The most important thing is that this was granted exclusively to the working, operational personnel in our quarries, about 9,000-9,500 people, because this was the number one problem (…) We will also grant vacation vouchers worth RON1,450,” Boza told MEDIAFAX.

Despite the manager’s statements, hundreds of employees from the company’s Lupoaia Quarry continue to refuse to work, with local union leader Nicu Bunoaica adding that protests also continued at the Rosiuta quarry.

According to the union leader, employees want a net wage raise of RON1,000 and are unhappy that sector chiefs are “used as some kind of political police”, accusing them of harassing workers and threatening them that they will have problems if they do not resume work.

Miner strikes started on Friday due to the discontent with the institution’s announced budget for 2019, which froze worker salaries and cut benefits such as vacation vouchers. The movement quickly engulfed all CEO quarries by Monday, with thousands of employees refusing to work until the situation is clarified. Five protesters also went on hunger strike on Tuesday afternoon.

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