Owners’ Associations Have To Adopt Joint-Ownership Regulation

Romania’s Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing came forth with a joint ownership regulation to include “rules of behavior and use of the joint ownership” and is to be drawn up in maximum one year after the law is published.


Imaginea articolului Owners’ Associations Have To Adopt Joint-Ownership Regulation

Owners’ Associations Have To Adopt Joint-Ownership Regulation

 The ministry launched for public debate a draft law regarding the statute of joint-ownership over buildings and the organization of owners’ associations that completes law no. 230 regarding the organization of owners’ associations.

The draft law stipulates that building rehabilitation works have to be approved by two thirds of the association members.

Minister of development Laszlo Borlely announced on Monday that the draft creates the legal basis for setting up joint-ownership administration companies. “We are talking about specialized companies that will handle all problems that arise within an owners’ association,” said the minister.

The official added that amending the law regarding joint-ownership statute is part of the law package on housing, forwarded for public debate.  

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