Romanians Trust The Army, Clergy, Advertising – GfK Survey

Romanians trust firefighters, the military, the clergy and advertising, while politicians, bankers and managers register the lowest level of popularity, according to a survey conducted by GfK Custom Research.


Imaginea articolului Romanians Trust The Army, Clergy, Advertising – GfK Survey

Romanians Trust The Army, Clergy, Advertising – GfK Survey

GfK Trust Index 2010 surveys the extent to which citizens in 19 European states trust various professional groups and organizations, GfK Romania said in a press release Thursday.

In Romania, firefighters enjoy the highest level of credibility (91%), but the ratio is the lowest at a European level where Sweden is ranked first (98%). Postal workers come in second place (89%), followed by the military (88%), teachers and the clergy (86%).

Romanians' trust in politicians is scarce (11%), down 3% compared to two years ago. About 28% of Romanians trust bankers and 39% of them have faith in managers.

Compared to last year, lawyers have seen a revival in their reputation in Romania, so that confidence in this professional group hits 42% this year, from 35% in 2009. Trust in the military has also increased to 88% from 82% last year, and advertising is up at 50% from 46% in 2009.

Compared to other European countries, the clergy, the military and advertising are most trusted by Romanians, while firefighters, doctors and police officers register a lower level of credibility.

Europeans have little faith in politicians, marketing, the clergy or in environmental protection non-governmental organizations.

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