Bucharest HQ Of Hungarian Minority Party Broken Into

The Bucharest headquarters of Romania’s Hungarian minority party UDMR was broken into Saturday night and police on Sunday morning found the party’s offices in disorder, but could not say whether anything had been stolen.


Imaginea articolului Bucharest HQ Of Hungarian Minority Party Broken Into

Bucharest HQ Of Hungarian Minority Party Broken Into

Bucharest police spokesman Christian Ciocan said a window of the building was broken and police suspects people who broke into the building climbed the wall. People who live close to the party headquarters said there is always police patrolling the area and they were therefore surprised that someone could have broken into the building without being spotted.

Access to the party’s building is through a gate which has an intercom and the wall surrounding the building is about two meters high. Preliminary police investigations showed that nothing seems to be missing from the building.

Party leader Marko Bela told MEDIAFAX Sunday that thieves stole the party’s flag from the front of the building.

"What we know is certainly missing – we had an UDMR flag with the party’s logo in front of the building – that was stolen, which, in my opinion, shows certain political intentions, but I do not wish to interpret them,” the Hungarian minority leader said.

He added a window was broken and an office was broken into and someone searched among documents.

"We don’t know whether any documents are missing. We called the police. This is pretty serious,” Marko said, adding intruders didn’t manage to go through other offices, because there are alarms that probably went off.

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