Car Mkr Renault Ponders New Logan Generation

The new generation of Romanian Dacia Logan cars, which will replace the current model, will be chosen early next year by the leaders of the Renault group Renault, from two possible variants. The car will be marketed in 2010, at the earliest, or 2012, according to RTR manager Philippe Prevel.


Imaginea articolului Car Mkr Renault Ponders New Logan Generation

Car Mkr Renault Ponders New Logan Generation

"A decision will be made about the replacement of the Logan in several weeks, at most in several months," Philippe Prevel, general manager of the Renault regional engineering center Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR), told MEDIAFAX.
He added car makers replace models once every 6-8 years and Logan is up for a change.
"All car makers replace models once every six or eight years. The same will happen with the Logan. Now is the time for us to think of a successor. (...) Depending on the complexity of the project, from the decision to replace a model and up to the marketing of the successor, one to three years could pass. For the Logan we will have the new generation on the streets sometime between 2010 and 2012," Prevel said.
The Logan model was launched on the market in fall 2004, and since then it has undergone two face changes. The first one, in 2006, targeted the rear stop lights and the trunk, while the second one, in 2008, targeted the front and the rear, bringing the model to the new Dacia identity, inaugurated once the Sandero was launched, in March 2008.
According to the RTR official, the new generation Logan will maintain and outline the traits of the current model, namely spaciousness and the price-performance ratio.
Prevel added that, from a procedure point of view, the replacement of a model starts from 5-10 ideas, and two variants – or in exceptional cases three versions – are presented to management in the form of 3D films and natural scale models. Management decides on the model to enter production, which is when engineering research starts.
Prevel said the global recession does not have an impact on the vehicles developed within the Logan program.
"The projects within the Logan program are affected in the sense that they are in greater demand. (...) I believe the current global situation will bring clients to cars whose production is not expensive and which do not consume too much fuel. Hybrid cars represent a challenge for engineers, as well as for clients, because the purchase price per unit remains high. We have simple solutions for the future. With the current technology and with improved engines we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions bringing them near the 100 grams per kilometer threshold, without increasing the price too much," Prevel said.
He added the Romanian engineers at RTR adapted a Renault Twingo, fitted with a 1.5 liter diesel engine, to emit 104 grams of carbon dioxide, which is a value close to that of a hybrid car. The model will be sold in France.
The company currently has 2,300 employees and it will reach 3,000 employees in the upcoming years.

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