Iohannis: What has been a recommendation becomes mandatory, according to the principle "stay at home"

Romania's president, Klaus Iohannis, has said on Tuesday that the measures that represented recommendations so far become mandatory, referring to restrictions on the movement of people. He says that citizens can go out to shop or to work.


Imaginea articolului Iohannis: What has been a recommendation becomes mandatory, according to the principle "stay at home"

Iohannis:What has been a recommendation becomes mandatory,according to the principle "stay at home"

The president said that the general quarantine measure will take effect on Wednesday morning.

"There will be new traffic restrictions for Romanians, which until now has been a recommendation becomes an obligation according to the principle we stay at home. People can go to work, to the absolutely necessary purchases, but these restrictions become obligations", Iohannis argued.

The president says that electronic surveillance is being prepared for the people in isolation.

"We have agreed to use the army to manage the serious situation on the ground, the Army provides personnel that will supplement the Police and the Gendarmerie", Iohannis said.

As for the elder, people over 65 will have to stay indoors at all times.

"These restrictions will be worked out today in a military ordinance that will be finalized by the end of the day. The restrictions will enter into force starting tomorrow" (Wednesday), Iohannis said.

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