Israeli Transport Helicopter Crashes In C Romania – Romanian Defense Ministry -

Israeli Transport Helicopter Crashes In C Romania – Romanian Defense Ministry

Romania’s Defense Ministry said Monday that an Israeli CH-53 helicopter carrying six Israeli troops and one Romanian soldier lost radio contact with the control center and was later found to have crashed near Fundata, central Romania.


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Romanian Army Helicopter Crashes In C Romania, With US Troops Aboard

According to the Ministry, at around 3.20 p.m. local time, anIsraeli CH-53 transport helicopter, which was participating in theBlue Sky 2010 joint Romanian-Israeli exercise, lost radio contactwith the control center. The Defense Ministry said a MEDEVACmedical evacuation helicopter belonging to the Romanian Air Forcesand two Israeli helicopters were put on a search-and-rescueoperation.

The Ministry went on to say that around 5.45 p.m., the airsearch-and-rescue teams found the missing helicopter's "wreck" nearthe communes of Fundata and Zarnesti in Brasov County, centralRomania. The cause of the accident and fate of the aircraft's crewis currently unknown.


The helicopter was reportedly carrying six Israeli troops andone Romanian soldier. Rescue teams are currently searching for thecrew on the ground and have so far found four bodies.

Defense Minister Gabriel Oprea ordered an investigationcommittee be sent on the scene.

The helicopter was initially reported to belong to the RomanianDefense Ministry and to have been carrying US troops when itcrashed in Fundata, Brasov County. Brasov prefect Ion Gontea saidthe location of the crash had been found, but was unable to saywhether the helicopter's passengers included US troops.

Last week, an Israeli CH-53 helicopter taking part in the sameexercise made an emergency landing in Priboiu, Dambovita County,according to the Romanian Defense Ministry.

The Ministry said the helicopter's crew discovered a technicalproblem while flying from the Boboc aerodrome to Buzau and chose tomake an emergency landing. After solving the issue, the helicoptertook off for the Boboc base, where it landed safely.

The Blue Sky 2010 exercise takes place between July 18 and 29 atBoboc aerodrome and concerns training for search, rescue andmedical evacuation missions.

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