Ludovic Orban: PNL will not support any other government, even if the president designates me again

Ludovic Orban has said on Monday that the PNL members of Parliament will not vote for another Government, not even if president Klaus Iohannis would designate him again as prime minister.


Imaginea articolului Ludovic Orban: PNL will not support any other government, even if the president designates me again

Orban: PNL will not support any other government

"If it will come to early elections, the PNL MPs will not vote for any government", prime minister Ludovic Orban has said.

The prime minister has added that PNL maintains its position even if Klaus Iohannis will propose him again as prime minister.

He has also stated that the version of his resignation was not being analyzed.

"PNL has decided in the National Council that it has as a candidate for the prime minister position the PNL president, that is, the undersigned. This is the decision of the National Council, so the PNL candidate for the position of prime minister is the current prime minister. (...) Despite the fake news reported, I tell you that the version of my resignation, in view of the possibility of triggering early elections, has not been launched for evaluation so far. Simply", Orban has explained.

Asked what would happen if PSD manages to form a majority and proposes him as prime minister, Orban replied that this "would mean an embarrassment in front of the whole nation".

Marcel Ciolacu has said on Monday that it is certain that PSD and UDMR have the necessary votes to adopt the no-confidence motion. The PSD leader has added he hopes the vote will take place as soon as possible.

In order to dismiss the Orban Cabinet through a no-confidence motion, 233 votes are required.

In case the Government falls and two consecutive proposals are rejected, early elections will be organized.

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