Romanian Liberals Trade Support For Current President In ’09 Elections For PM Position

Romanian democrat liberals refused in Saturday’s talks the liberals’ proposition to have current head of state Traian Basescu as the two parties’ common nominee for the presidential elections in 2009 in exchange for the appointment of the Prime Minister from among the Liberal Party.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Liberals Trade Support For Current President In ’09 Elections For PM Position

Romanian Liberals Trade Back-up For Current President In ’09 Elections For PM Position

"The democrat liberals said they want the Prime Minister to be appointed from their party. We offered them a larger package. We proposed that the Prime Minister be appointed from among the Liberal Party, in exchange for which we will back a common candidate in the presidential election in 2009, namely Traian Basescu,” liberal sources told MEDIAFAX.

The quoted sources said democrat liberal leaders did not want to bring into discussion the president position.

Dan Motreanu, Secretary General of the National Liberal Party, came with the suggestion that both parties should agree on a larger package.  

The liberals proposed to the democrat liberals the prime minister position and the presidency, democrat liberal sources told MEDIAFAX, adding they immediately refused.

“We told liberals this is out of question. We are not negotiating support for Basescu,” democrat liberal sources said.

The quoted sources said general issues were discussed, ministries were not brought into discussion, and the name Calin Tariceanu was not mentioned when the topic of the position of Prime Minister was touched upon.

Liberal sources said the National Liberal Party will have two rounds of negotiations on Sunday, one with the social democrat leaders and one with the democrat liberal leaders. The democrat liberals will have talks with the social democrats after the meeting between the social democrats and the liberals.


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