Most Romanians To Buy Sweets, Clothing For Christmas– Survey

Most Romanians buying Christmas presents will get sweets, clothing and accessories and prefer to get them on sale, according to a survey released Tuesday by market research company GfK Romania.

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Imaginea articolului Most Romanians To Buy Sweets, Clothing For Christmas– Survey

Most Romanians To Buy Sweets, Clothing For Christmas– Survey

According to the survey, 84% of respondents choose to buy sweetsand over 75% will buy clothing and accessories as Christmaspresents. Other presents Romanians are going top get are cosmeticproducts and services (67%), toys (over 50%), but also watches andjewelry (27%).

Nearly two thirds will get electronics, IT and telecom productsand accessories.

The survey found 93% of the respondents are buying theseproducts as Christmas gifts for family and friends, 82% also buythem for themselves and 79% are shopping for their household inthis period.

Romanians mainly buy clothing and footwear for themselves andcleaning products, pastries and sweets and season's decorations forthe household. Sweets and cosmetics on sale are among the top giftsconsidered for friends, while spouses may get clothing, footwearand cosmetics, also preferred on sale.

In eastern Romania, more than in other regions of the country,four of ten respondents will buy watches or jewelry for Christmas,but 63% are not willing to spend more than 200 lei(EUR1=RON4.2897).

In Bucharest, the survey found a preference for books and audiogadgets. Out of respondents in Bucharest, nearly said they will buybooks for presents or for themselves, compared to an average 35% inthe rest of the country, while 17% of Bucharest respondents buyMP3/MP4 players or iPods around Christmas, compared to an average10% throughout the country.

While men prefer to buy mobile phones (36%) and flat screen TVs(24%), 54% of women prefer household consumer products and 75%prefer cosmetic products and services.

The survey also shows 73% go to hypermarkets for their Christmasshopping, 44% also go to specialized stores in shopping centers andmalls, while 39% shop online. However, online shopping onlyaccounts for 8% of the total.

The survey was conducted online between November 24 and 29, on543 respondents aged 15 to 55.

GfK Romania is part of GfK group, which is present in 100countries son five continents.

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