Only One Romanian Private Hospital Met 2nd Class Requirements – Health Min

A single Romanian private hospital has been classed in category 2, 50 others in categories 4 and 5, and nine others have not yet been classed, out of the 66 private units that want to receive public funds, Health Minister Attila Cseke told MEDIAFAX on Thursday.


Imaginea articolului Only One Romanian Private Hospital Met 2nd Class Requirements – Health Min

Only One Romanian Private Hospital Met 2nd Class Requirements – Health Min

Cseke said there are 94 authorized private hospitals in Romania, of which 66 are interested in receiving public funds and must therefore be classed according to their abilities.

Oradea's "Pelican" Hospital received the highest classification - 2nd class. Bucharest's Medlife Hospital requested designation as a 3rd class unit, but was added to category 4, because it has only six doctors on duty, compared to the requirement of ten, said the minister.

Euroclinic and Delta Health Care were included in the same category. CMU "Regina Maria" was classed as a category 5 facility.

The new Europe Eye ophthalmology hospital and the Angiography and Endovascular Therapy Clinic requested designation as 4th class units, but were added to category 5.

Private hospitals are classed according to the same criteria used for public hospitals, the minister pointed out.

Before the new frame-agreement on healthcare enters force, on June 1, all public hospitals and private units seeking public funds must be classed according to their abilities in one of five categories.

The first class should include hospitals with a vast field of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, serving a large region of the country and able to cope with very complex illnesses.

The second class will include hospitals with a high number of facilities, serving a county and its neighbors, and treating complex illnesses.

The third class will have hospitals with an average number of services, serving only a single county.

The fourth class will include basic hospitals, serving a single town and treating low-complexity illnesses.

The fifth class will include units with limited competence, such as those providing specialized medical services.

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