Over 72,000 Romanians Left For Work Abroad In 1H 2010

Over 400,000 Romanians applied for jobs abroad ion the first half of the year and 72,462 were hired for periods of three to 12 months, according to statistics of recruitment website Tjobs.ro.


Imaginea articolului Over 72,000 Romanians Left For Work Abroad In 1H 2010

Over 72,000 Romanians Left For Work Abroad In 1H 2010

Between January 1 and June 30, 426,443 applied for jobs abroad and, in some cases, over 250 people had applied for the same job opening.

According to the statistic, Germany employed the largest number of Romanians (10,636), followed by Greece (6,898), Cyprus (5,772), the UK (5,008), Italy (4,680), France (3,314), Spain (3,296), the U.S. (2,606), Denmark (2,166), the Netherlands (2,115), Latvia (2,010), Ireland (1,995), Sweden (1,950), Austria (1,947), Norway (1,920), Dubai (1,890), Qatar (1,862), Finland (1,574) and the Czech Republic (1,485).

Most jobs were filled by Romanians in constructions (10,572), healthcare (8,102), restaurants (8,058), industry (6,277), engineering (6,163), hotel services/tourism (4,145), IT (3,067), sales (2,984), administration (2,822), agriculture (2,712), consultancy/management (2,515), cruise ships (2,490), cleaning services (2,353), entertainment (2,018), child care (1,983) and transports (1,759).

The 72,462 Romanians who found jobs abroad and have signed contracts via recruitment agencies makes a total EUR97,823,700 per month, which means an average salary of EUR1,350 per month

Wages of over EUR5,000 per month are paid in the field of oil and gas, while healthcare staff earns EUR4,500 to EUR5,000 and construction workers get EUR3,500 to EUR4,000.

According to the statistic, most Romanians who left to work abroad in the first half of the year are from capital Bucharest (11.98%), the southeastern county of Constanta (9.53%), the central county of Prahova (4.96%), the western county of Timis (4.68%), the central county of Brasov (4.41%) and the eastern county of Galati (4.07%).

Also, Romanians who found jobs abroad are 70% men and 30% women, mostly from the 26 - 35 and 36 - 45 age groups.

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