Romanian Democrat Liberals, Social Democrats Claim PM Position - Party President

The Romanian democrat liberals and social democrats have different views on forming the next government, as each party wants to “coagulate” the Government and thus claim the Prime Minister position, democrat liberal leader Emil Boc said after talks with the social democrats on Sunday.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Democrat Liberals, Social Democrats Claim PM Position - Party President

Romanian Democrat Liberals, Social Democrats Claim PM Position - Party President

“We have different stands on the governing position. Both parties maintained the view that each is entitled to create the nucleus of the government revolving around the PM position claimed by both parties,” Boc said.

However, Boc warned that although both the Democratic-Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party want to claim the Prime Minister position in the next Government, the decision is up to the head of state.

Boc said he scheduled a meeting of the National Standing Office on Monday focusing on the issue of the negotiations with the National Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party, to build up a new parliamentary majority to sustain the future Government.

"We will make a political decision, but the head of state will have an extremely important role in coagulating these negotiations,” Boc said.

Negotiations on the next government do not imply next year’s presidential elections.

“The president of Romania is not brought into this equation,” Boc said, adding the head of state will have to express an option, which now entails many names, as no party gained Parliament majority.

At the present moment, the democrat liberals are claiming the PM position, but they are not absurd, as they realized they can’t impose all the items included in the party’s governing agenda, Boc said.

The Democratic Liberal Party prefers to have a substantial four-year ruling, rather than divide it, and the investiture of the new Government no later than the Christmas holidays, Boc said.

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