Romanian Intellectual Claims President Basescu Was Offered Sex Tape Of Rival Geoana

Romanian writer Horia Roman Patapievici, head of the Romanian Cultural Institute, said in an interview published Sunday by Spanish daily La Vanguardia that he knows for sure Romanian President Traian Basescu was offered a tape of social democrat rival Mircea Geoana receiving oral sex.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Intellectual Claims President Basescu Was Offered Sex Tape Of Rival Geoana

Romanian Intellectual Claims President Basescu Has Sex Tape Of Rival Geoana

Patapievici added the Romanian head of state refused to use the tape against his opponent.

Geoana, who lost Sunday's presidential election to Basescu and whose party is now trying to get the poll cancelled claiming it was rigged, dismissed the allegations as "sinister lies".

Asked about the tape leaked during the election campaign in which Basescu appears to be striking a child, Patapievici said the video was "foul".
"I don't think Basescu would nu strike a child, he just pushed him. His mistake was not denying it immediately. It was a bit like in Bill Clinton's sex scandal... By the way, I know from well-informed sources that Basescu was offered a video of Mircea Geoana receiving oral sex and he (Basescu) refused to use it against him. He's an honest man, believe me," Patapievici told the paper.

"We have oligarchs and they have a nasty role. I fight against them as an intellectual. That is why I'm one of Basescu's intellectuals. But these oligarchs are mobsters. They don't commit murder. In Russia or Bulgaria they kill people. In Romania, they don't," Patapievici said in the interview.

Basescu suggested Friday evening on OTV, before the election Sunday, that he has a tape compromising Geoana but said he refused to make it public and threatened his campaign staff he would drop out of the presidential race if the tape is leaked. Basescu added social democrats spy on one another and betray one another.

"I told my staff I would drop out of the race if they have it published," Basescu said.

Basescu was asked whether he has any tape compromising Geoana and didn't deny it. He also said he would personally hand Geoana the tape the next day after elections.

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