Romanian President Hoped Liberals Would Have Had A Flexible Stance Following Poll Results

Romanian President Traian Basescu said Monday night on a TV show he tried to convince former Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu to give up his request to stay at the head of the Cabinet instated following the elections, and hoped until the last minute the National Liberal Party would become “flexible”.


Imaginea articolului Romanian President Hoped Liberals Would Have Had A Flexible Stance Following Poll Results

Romanian President Hoped Liberals Would Have Had A Flexible Stance Following Poll Results

The attitude of the Liberal Party made him postpone the announcement of the designated Prime Minister until December 10, the head of state said.

Basescu explained he could have allowed the creation of a minority Government formed of the Democratic Liberal Party with 38% of the mandates, as the former Government functioned only with 20%.

Another possibility could have been a Government facing the economic crisis with 45% support offered by the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and the Magyar Democratic Union in Romania (UDMR).

Under these circumstances, however, any reform in the country would have been excluded, as the opposition formed of the Social Democratic Party and the National Liberal Party (PNL) would have blocked any initiative, leaving the Government to barely survive or pushing it to huge compromises.

“Or we had the possibility to go along with a Government formed of PNL-PDL-UDMR, with Calin Tariceanu as Prime Minister. I couldn’t afford to have this faith, it was the liberals’ exigency. After he (Tariceanu – e.n.) ousted the democrats from the government, how could I have had the faith to say: Mr. Tariceanu, here’s another mandate for you and the next day after you take it, run to Patriciu, share kisses with him and see what you can come up with against Basescu,” the head of state said.

Basescu said he is not severe, and added “only fools learn nothing from mistakes”.

Basescu mentioned there had been many negotiations that escaped public limelight after the results of the November 30 elections were officially announced.

"I informed the parties of my decision to designate the Prime Minister from the Democratic Liberal Party on Monday (December 8 –e.n.), but I left the public announcement of the candidate for the head of the Government position for Wednesday (December 10),” Basescu said.

He said he hoped until the last minute for a “flexible” position of the National Liberal Party.

"I hoped until the last moment for a party – and it would be a lie not to say it – the National Liberal Party, to become flexible, as I was aware that if I had appointed Theodor Stolojan (democrat liberal –e.n.) after consultations on Monday (December 8 -e.n.) I was practically shutting the door to PNL or I was running the risk to do so,” Basescu said.

When asked if he has an explanation for the National Liberal Party’s rigidity, Basescu replied: “Only they can explain it.”

He added he decided to form a majority Government with the social democrats on December 10.

“It is a majority that is not wanted (…) especially by the people that I myself preferred not to desire it,” Basescu said.

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