Romanian Senators To Hold Plenary Meeting On August 24

Romanian Senate’s Standing Office on Tuesday decided senators will convene in special session on August 16 and a plenary meeting will be held on August 24.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Senators To Hold Plenary Meeting On August 24

Romanian Senators To Hold Plenary Meeting On August 24

Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana said the standing committees debating on draft laws will convene between August 16 and 23 to draw up reports on the respective draft laws.

The Senate's Standing Office decided the plenary meeting will be set for only one day, August 24, with nine draft laws on the agenda.

However, Geoana said debates might continue in a new plenary meeting on August 25 if there isn't enough time to go through the bills on the agenda.

The Senate's leadership introduced on the agenda of the special session the three draft laws President Traian Basescu requested to be discussed, three emergency decrees the parties in opposition requested to be discussed, two laws targeting the acquis communautaire, at the Government's request, as well as the reexamination of the law on the public-private partnership, also at the president's request.

Bassescu requested a special Parliament session during summer recess to discuss the law on the functioning of the Constitutional Court and amend the procedural codes, the law on the organization of the National Integrity Agency and the law as regards speeding up trials.

At the request of social democrats, conservatives and liberals, in opposition, the Senate's Standing Office also introduced on the session's agenda debates on three government decrees, which target amendments to the Tax Code, decentralization in public healthcare and local public finance.

The session's agenda also includes the request to reexamine the law on the public-private partnership, forwarded by President Basescu. In his request, Basescu said the law adopted by the Parliament goes against European Union directives.

The Chamber of Deputies was also summoned in special session and will hold a plenary meeting on August 16.

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