Romanian Social Democrat Interior Min Ousted From Govt

Romania’s Social Democratic Party will make new propositions for the headship of the Interior Ministry as soon as possible, party leader Mircea Geoana said following the voting in the National Standing Office to withdraw political support for interior minister Gabriel Oprea.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Social Democrat Interior Min Ousted From Govt

Romanian Social Democrat Interior Min Ousted From Govt

The headship of the Social Democratic Party decided by a large majority of votes to withdraw the political support for Oprea and to exclude him from the party, Geoana said after the meeting of the party’s National Standing Office.

Geoana said the proposition to exclude Oprea from the party was submitted to the party’s Integrity Commission.

Prime Minister Emil Boc on Friday signed the decisions appointing Nicolae Moldovan, Mihai Viorel Fifor, Radu Stancu and Catalin Vrabie state secretaries in the Interior Ministry, at the proposal of the minister. Boc also signed a decision appointing Virgil Ardelean, nicknamed “The Fox” at the headship of the ministry’s General Division for Intelligence and Internal Protection.

Geoana reiterated his statement according to which Oprea acted unilaterally when he appointed people in positions within the ministry, adding the party had no proposition for the headship of the General Division for Intelligence and Internal Protection.

According to him, the decisions appointing the state secretaries will be canceled, and new propositions will be made following the meeting of a national executive committee of the Social Democratic Party.

Geoana said Boc signed Oprea’s propositions as he deemed him trustworthy and was not aware Oprea did not have the party’s approval for such an action. Boc showed surprise when Goana informed him of the matter, Geoana added.

Geoana said the he plans to suggest to the Prime Minister that the interim headship of the ministry be ensured by the current deputy Prime Minister, Dan Nica.

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