Romanian Social Democrats Urge President To OK Teacher Salary Hikes

The Romanian social democrats reminded president Traian Basescu that Friday is the deadline for a decision on the law hiking teacher salaries, and added Basescu promised to promulgate this law, the party said in a press release Thursday.


Imaginea articolului Romanian Social Democrats Urge President To OK Teacher Salary Hikes

Romanian Social Democrats Urge President To OK Teacher Salary Hikes

"Traian Basescu is indifferent to the real problems of teachers, because he was not impressed and he hasn’t yet promulgated the law on the 50% hike for teacher salaries, even though the Constitutional Court decided on October 15 that this law is constitutional," said a press release signed by Anca Opre, vice president of the Public Administration department within the Social Democratic Party.
The social democrat representative said that "even though the deadline for the promulgation of the law expires tomorrow, the manner in which the head of state proceeds, keeping thousands of teachers on needles and pins, shows the indifference he has for this important social category."
“The decision reached by the Constitutional Court does not leave any room for interpretation: the salaries of teachers must be increased. The ball is now in Basescu’s court, who has to promulgate this law," Anca Opre said, adding that the head of state promised to promulgate this law.
The social democrats also ask Basescu to promulgate the law through which the indemnity received by mothers on maternity leave is calculated at 85% of the average income in the past 12 months, but no less than RON600, seeing as even labor minister Mariana Campeanu said the budget effort is minimal for the application of this law, and it does not endanger the state budget.

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