Romanian Woman Sues Politicians, Calls G.W. Bush As Witness

One Romanian woman sued, in the Cluj Court of Appeal, several politicians, whom she accuses of all the crimes in the Criminal Code, while witnesses include French president Nicolas Sarkozy and former American president George Bush.


The first hearing in the trial took place Thursday, in the Cluj Court of Appeal, where a woman filed a complaint against several politicians, including Marko Bela, Frunda Gyorgy, Verestoy Attila, Tokes Laszlo, George Maior, all charged with every single crime in the Criminal Code.

The complaint submitted by D.M. is 150 pages long, and in it the politicians are accused, among other things, of murder, kidnapping, rape, defrauding the Red Cross, destruction and espionage, or forging academic achievement documents.

In addition, those sued are accused of being part of racist-nazi-horthist groups and having killed and terrorized the plaintiff’s family.

In the same complaint, the woman sued the European Commission and the OSCE, accused of making weapons of mass destruction.

Witnesses include politician Mircea Geoana, president of the Romanian social democrats, National Anticorruption Department chief Daniel Morar, as well as George W. Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy.

In the Thursday hearing, the Cluj Court of Appeal prosecutor asked that the case be sent to the Prosecution Office within the Romanian High Court of Justice, given the statute of the defendants in this trial.

The court allowed the prosecution’s request and decided to sent the case to the High Court of Justice.

One Cluj magistrate told MEDIAFAX that such complaints need to be treated as any other complaint.

“We cannot request a psychiatric evaluation for the plaintiff. Thus we are forced to offer a legal reply to those formulating such complaints,” the magistrate said.

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