The Romanian Government considers quitting physicians to lose their right to practice the profession

The Government plans to ban the free practice and extend the notice period for resigning doctors. The announcement has been made by prime minister Ludovic Orban. Dozens of doctors have recently resigned, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Imaginea articolului The Romanian Government considers quitting physicians to lose their right to practice the profession

Doctors resigning during this period may lose their right to practice this job, prime minister Ludovic Orban announced on Wednesday evening.

"We will opt for a variant. We need to have a consultation with those from the Ministry of Health. Personally, I would not opt for an extreme option, to be prohibited the right of free practice in Romania. I would give them the right to think, that is I would extend the notice period, because this is possible during the emergency period, by derogation from the provisions of the Labor Code. The prohibition of the right to practice is a proposal made by many in the political and non-political areas. I do not have a clear opinion", said Ludovic Orban, at Europa FM.

The prime minister also says he regrets that he cannot provide all the necessary equipment for hospitals.

Doctors began to resign because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The county hospital in Brăila remained without three doctors in full epidemic of COVID-19. These are specialists from emergency and intensive care units, who have quit their jobs.

And several doctors from Mioveni Hospital, inaugurated last year, resigned after it was decided that the unit would become a support for COVID-19. However, the resignations were not accepted by the hospital manager, who acknowledges that it is difficult "to fight with empty hands".

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